ClassPass Streamlines its
Global Business Development Process with Geopointe.

“Geopointe allows us to functionally and seamlessly frame things out by state, metropolitan municipal area or ZIP code.”

Mike Dooley, Senior Sales Operations Analyst, ClassPass

The Challenges
  • ClassPass needed to grow their partnerships by focusing on expanding out from areas with large pre-existing user-bases.
  • They didn’t have a good way to visualize by location what stage accounts were at in the pipeline.
  • They needed one centralized map to visualize the location of potential partners and current customers.
  • Empty Salesforce fields after large data updates needed to be quickly corrected.
  • ClassPass didn’t have a way to quickly and efficiently reassign or retarget inbound leads to inside salespeople.
Why Geopointe
  • The Thematic Maps feature offered ClassPass a way to strategically grow their partnerships by visualizing their current territories, then expanding them out.
  • Geopointe’s dynamic Marker Customizations could help them identify what stage in the pipeline deals were in and where they were located.
  • They could use the Geopointe Shape Library feature to see where prospects are located by state, municipal area or ZIP code.
  • The Mass Updates feature allowed them to correct any discrepancies they had in Salesforce fields following large database updates.
  • With the Data Set Management feature they could create assignments for salespeople using custom data layers built to understand who needs prospects.
The Results
  • Geopointe helped ClassPass build their partner network to over 10,000 studios worldwide!
  • Geopointe saves them approximately 10 hours per week on sales operations.
  • Their service territories now offer fitness classes spanning across 3 continents.
  • The Thematic Maps feature saves them approximately 8 hours per week working on their sales strategy.
  • Now, thanks to Geopointe, all of their sales reps have 150 to 200 leads at any given time.


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