Sales Performance Management
for Inside Sales

It’s important to focus on more than just the bottom line – you need to understand your data in context. With the right solutions, sales reps can instantly see how they’re performing against key metrics and goals, and keep track of the activities that contribute to those goals.

Employees are more engaged and have a better understanding of prospects, leads, accounts, and opportunities in the pipeline when they can easily visualize the data on a map rather than looking at a spreadsheet full of numbers and no context. Same goes for understanding their performance metrics – it’s much clearer with a color-coded Performance Scorecard.

Geographic Insights

Use Geopointe to determine which accounts and prospects to prioritize based on available information such as revenue, company size, and more. You can use features like thematic maps and heat maps that tell you a story about where the money is – which regions are more important to get to first?

Performance Scorecard

With LevelEleven’s Performance Scorecards, sales reps can instantly see how they’re performing against their goals, enabling them to focus efforts on key behaviors that drive performance.

Multi-Use Calendar Scheduling

As the manager of a sales team, you can easily keep track of your reps’ schedules without micromanaging and fill in gaps with priority accounts based on who has availability. Calendar-Based Scheduling allows you to access multiple users’ calendars for the day or week so you can instantly find and fill gaps in reps’ schedules.

Conversion Insights

Conversion Insights help leaders build strategies and reveal where the team should be investing their time & effort. Supported by these forecasted metrics & data, sales leaders will know how their team’s performance will be affected by changes, before they happen.

Conversion Insights


Work with your team leader to improve your performance through consistent coaching sessions and keep track of your progress. Alert your leader to any opportunities you need advice on, or any areas you’d like to improve upon.


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