Unlock the Where in Your Data.

Improve Routing


Planning a business trip can be a major pain point, and executing the travel can be just as stressful. Geopointe alleviates the headache with features like Calendar-Based Scheduling, Routing, and Nearby Search. Geographic insights take care of the heavy lifting so you can seamlessly plan each visit with optimization in mind directly from the map. Geopointe’s mobile capabilities also allow you to make schedule adjustments on the road in the event of last-minute cancellations or unforeseen free time.

Intelligently Manage Territories


As your business grows, so do the responsibilities of your team. Ensuring sales territories are well-managed and balanced for all reps and customers becomes a breeze with Geopointe. Features such as Shape Editor and Automated Assignment give you the power to distribute and assign leads based on territories, even when boundaries change. No customer will be left behind, no rep will be overwhelmed, and revenue will be given a greater opportunity to grow.

Efficiently Visualize Spreadsheet Data


How do you make decisions when you’re flooded with data? The old approach of spreadsheets is visually overwhelming and hard to process. Allow your data to come to life on the map with Geopointe. Features like Thematic Mapping and Heat Mapping allow you to uncover powerful insights and trends in your data. Using a visual perspective, the information you work with every day transforms into actionable data to make the best decisions possible for success.

Geographic Searching & Analysis

Geopointe helps locate any Salesforce data, anywhere in the world. 

Territory Planner by Ascent Cloud Shape Library

Shape Editor

Visually build territories using the Geopointe Shape Library, and use geographic insight to manage them.

Calendar-Based Scheduling

Manage any user’s schedule with geographic insight using Calendar-Based Scheduling.

Salesforce Mobile Ready

Geopointe for Salesforce mobile has a robust set of features that can be used on any mobile device.

Routing & Optimization

Geopointe can build routes from any mappable data and even optimize travel.

Lightning Ready

Geopointe supports the Salesforce Lightning Experience with Lightning Components.

CSV Layers

Import CSV files directly to the Geopointe Map, without standard Salesforce import method.

Visual Shape Editor

Create shapes from predefined boundaries utilizing Geopointe’s powerful visual editor.

Automated Assignment

Simplify your lead distribution or territory assignments with Geopointe’s Automated Assignments.

Check In & Out

Mobile users can easily check in and out of their stops, confirm their location and log information about their visit.

Marker Customization

Customize your markers by color, shape, text or even custom image files.

Geopointe Shape Library

Create shapes with our rich set of boundary data and use those shapes for any number of business applications.

Geocode Data

Using Google’s geocoding technology, Geopointe will geocode your Salesforce data.

Thematic Mapping

Gain visual insights with the ability to rollup a metric for any given data set and group results by geographic boundaries.

Google Places

Locate businesses and landmarks anywhere in the world with a quick search on the Geopointe map.

Heat Mapping

Create heat maps of numeric concentrations based on record count or any numeric field values.

Mass Update

Simply update a field to a specified value for mapped records at once.

Change Owners

Quickly change the owner of one, some, or all of your mapped records with a few clicks.

Demographic Layers

Using US Census data, gain a rich source of demographic data along with a deeper knowledge of a target market.

Create Record

Create Salesforce records from any record, address or place on the map, leveraging the location and other available information.

Inline Editing

Honoring Salesforce permissions, users can update records right from the Geopointe map.

KML Layers

Geopointe supports KML, KMZ and GeoRSS files, allowing users to add external data layers to the map.

Add to Campaign

Quickly and easily add your mapped records to a Campaign.


Geopointe’s interactive charts allow for additional analysis in the Geopointe interface.

Complex Filtering

Add another dimension to your data by mapping records based on their relationship with other objects.

Number Aggregate

Instantaneously get dynamic metrics for any Currency, Number, or Percentage fields in your data set searches.

Apex API

Perform radial searches, calculate distances, perform real-time geocoding with Geopointe’s API Apex Class.


Export your mapped results to CSV or KML file types using built-in actions.

Mobile Preferences

Users can choose their preferred navigation app or choose Uber or Lyft ridesharing.

URL Parameters

Perform various tasks through Geopointe with the creative use of URL parameters when loading the Geopointe page.

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