HFO Investment Real Estate Optimizes Their Marketing & Sales Processes with Geopointe.

“Geopointe halves the time it would take us to pull a targeted list of comparable properties when we are doing rental comps.”

HFO Senior Research Analyst, Jennifer Shuch

The Challenges
  • HFO needed a solution that allowed them to quickly identify key demographics and analyze geographic data across Washington and Oregon.
  • Their sales team needed a location data solution to focus their efforts on neighborhoods with key demographics.
  • Using a variety of Salesforce reports, the HFO team wanted to visualize their report data to create targeted marketing campaigns.
  • HFO’s executive team wanted a high-level visual of their sales territories so they could identify prime opportunities and optimize their efforts accordingly.
  • Their consulting service needed a tool that allowed them to geographically analyze surrounding neighborhoods for their business customers.
  • Why Geopointe
  • Geopointe’s layer function makes it easy to figure out territories when 3M organizes territories by ZIP codes but channel partners use counties. Layering both shape types on the map easily creates territories that can then be used in presentations and distributed to the correct reps.
  • Extensive Knowledge Base empowers users to easily utilize the full power of Geopointe’s features.
  • Geopointe’s CSV Import feature allows users to import data from a CSV onto the Geopointe map in Salesforce and save that data as a layer.
Why Geopointe?
  • Geopointe’s Automated Assignments feature allowed HFO to optimize their sales territories and assignment process using geographic data to identify opportunistic areas.
  • The ability to filter Salesforce data allowed HFO to identify the best areas to focus their marketing efforts.
  • Their executive team was able to get a high-level visual of their sales territories using Geopointe’s Geo Library feature.
  • Geopointe’s Geographic Searching & Analysis added immediate value to their consulting service, allowing them to give business owners key data about their surrounding neighborhoods.
The Results
  • Geopointe was able to cut HFO’s time spent pulling a targeted list of comparable properties in half.
  • HFO’s executive team was able to identify key locations that their sales team hadn’t been hitting to help optimize their entire process.
  • Their marketing team was able to use location data to guide their sales team towards optimal areas and away from neighborhoods with little opportunity.
  • HFO’s consulting team found immediate use cases as they were able to provide a local chain store owner with location data linked to an uptick in his store visits.
  • As Geopointe continues to produce results, the HFO team continues to incorporate additional features into their business process and overarching strategy.
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