Sales Performance Management
for Marketing

Marketing teams can leverage geographic insights for upcoming campaigns and keep track of key metrics in a way that is instantly clear. Your Salesforce data is enhanced with geographic insights and performance management solutions aid in your KPI tracking.

Targeted Campaigns

Identifying your target market and drafting custom messaging has never been easier. Create targeted campaigns, filtering your results by industry, size, or other custom fields to create messaging for a group of any size. 

Get a better idea of where your most important customers are geographically, and use that to inform where you plan your next customer event. Prepare for trade shows by reaching out to contacts located near an upcoming event, then personalize and segment your promotional content geographically.

Bring data to life with dynamic visualization that helps guide the entire practice, including building personas, targeting, event planning, and more. Use the demographics data available in Geopointe to help inform the buyer personas you’re building to improve your understanding of what resonates with certain buyer types.

Performance Scorecard

Adapt the Performance Scorecard to track your KPIs and provide visibility into marketing’s activities. Set metrics for activities like email sends, form submissions, or webinar attendees so that you always know what you’re working towards – and where you currently stand in relation.



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