Dobson Fiber uses Geopointe to Increase Rep Productivity by 20%

“The thought-provocativeness of the solution & the turnkey interoperability [with other technologies] is really well thought about…the experience is reflected in the product.”

Gita Kulkarni, Dobson Fiber Consultant

The Challenges
  • The organization needed an easier way to track and plan their field team’s door-to-door sales process in the telecom industry
  • Inefficient processes for recording visits in the field required hours of tedious work with data recorded in spreadsheets from the back office
  • Reps in the field were making visits throughout their days, then had to spend additional time recording all notes from the day after working hours
  • The existing process was painful and prone to human error, taking up valuable work hours and preventing high level analysis that could benefit the organization
Why Geopointe?
  • Geopointe is more well thought out than Salesforce Maps, which was newer and not a sole focus for Salesforce
  • Allowed field reps to complete everything on-site, from setting up order form to taking payment
  • Check-in feature saves hours of work for sales reps and administrators both
  • The UI is easy to use, turnkey experience that is easy to implement
The Results
  • 20% Increase in Visits – Geopointe increased Dobson Fiber’s ability to prospect into potential customers by 20%. Removing their reliance on spreadsheets helped drive their targeting and efficiency.
  • Exponential Time Savings – Back-office personnel and sales staff are now saving two to three hours daily from having to manually input sales data into Salesforce from spreadsheets. Dobson Fiber can now reinvest this time into other revenue driving activities.
  • Reduced Risk of Human Error – Their sales team is now enabled to enter data directly into Salesforce while in the field. This includes targeting the right consumers, setting up orders and taking payment. This has greatly reduced data errors in their sales process.
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