Episode 8 | How to Improve Your 1-1’s

At its core, a solid performance management strategy is about saving time and giving leaders time back in their schedules to focus on their team’s success. We invited Steve Dombroski, Account Management Team Lead, to discuss how to improve your 1-1’s to encourage better conversations and drive success. 

Episode 7 | What Should Drive Product

Our Product process at Ascent Cloud has been recognized by our customers as a true partnership that fosters collaboration when developing our products. For this reason, we thought we’d have a candid discussion on how we got here and what we value in the Product process. 

Episode 6 | Operating Out of the Ordinary

No matter where you’re working from these days- chances are you are operating out of the ordinary. We invited Craig Bickley, SVP of Sales, and Sandro Viselli, SVP of Operations, to discuss the challenges organizations are facing in this new hybrid environment, as well as solutions to help you successfully navigate the balance of managing hybrid teams.

Episode 5 | This is a Sales Pitch

This month, Cassie is joined by her Ascent Cloud colleagues Craig Bickley, SVP of Sales, and Ben Gibbs, Director of Solution Engineering, to discuss Ascent Cloud’s solutions, Geopointe and LevelEleven, and how we’re helping teams get back to business.

Episode 4 | Creating the Next Step for Your SDRs

The SDR role is arguably one of the most challenging within an organization; teaching grit and determination. For this reason, we value advancing these individuals into new roles internally. Listen to learn why we have made it part of our culture to create the next step for our SDRs.

Episode 3 | Tracking Sales Metrics and Performance Measurement

How does your organization define success for the sales team? Ascent Cloud SVP of Sales, Craig Bickley has spent a lot of time finding answers to this question. Listen as we dive into the importance of measuring performance and how to align your people to the outcomes that lead to success.

Episode 2 | Engaging Customers in 2021

We’ve all heard the buzzwords trying to suck you into a conversation that turns into a sales pitch (Does “pivot” and “build trust” sound familiar?), instead we invite you to hear Ascent Cloud customer success team members share how they’ve been able to keep customers engaged in 2021.

Episode 1 | Aligning Sales & Marketing Efforts

Join Ascent Cloud’s Cassie Dodd, Director of Marketing, and Mark Baird, VP of Sales, as they discuss some of the common challenges facing sales and marketing teams and simple steps to help improve alignment between the two. This is the unicorn you sales and marketing leaders have been chasing.

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