Pets for Patriots Doubles Its Ability to Match Pets with Veterans

“We could not have grown to this point – full stop – without GP. We couldn’t even do half of what we’ve done.”

– Beth Zimmerman, Founder and Executive Director, Pets for Patriots

The Challenges
  • Pets for Patriots is run by a small team and needed to automate as much of their process as possible as volume has grown exponentially
  • Operating as a charity at the national-level, having to service 40 different states, required a mapping tool that spanned a large database
  • Needed a solution with support that was responsive and willing to go above and beyond to help out a small team with complex processes
  • Specifically wanted a solution that could do both radial and driving distance searches
Why Geopointe?
  • Takes the manual mapping out of the equation so the geographic pre-application process is quicker and more accurate
  • Our team provided support throughout the onboarding process, increasing their time to value
  • Having worked with various consultants on their Salesforce instance, no alternative has ever been recommended – Geopointe is “without peer”
The Results
  • Small Team, Large Volume – Geopointe helps automate all the processes determining if a veteran lives within an existing program area, giving a decision to veterans within minutes. This allows them to process more applications and help more veterans.
  • 4,000 Adoptions and Counting – Geopointe automates processes enough for a small team to adopt out 25-30 pets to veterans per month. Results like this are unexpected for a team of their size.
  • Better Customer Experience – Using distance data has allowed Pets for Patriots to better service their beneficiaries, ensuring that veterans are within a pre-determined driving distance of an animal shelter. This creates a much higher level of customer satisfaction, and the ability for a small organization to service its customers.
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