Territory Planner

Build, balance, and optimize your territories.



Build your territories without data governance limits and the freedom to experiment with different territory models without impacting day-to-day operations in your CRM. Upload, interact with, and manipulate your data to design optimized territories for reps and customers alike using features such as Territory Shape Editor and Territory Model Editor.

Build your territories
Balance your territories

Balance & Optimize


Unlike other complex territory management systems, Territory Planner is more intuitive in determining metrics that are valuable in balancing territories. You can even use features like our Territory Optimizer to take the headache out of the entire planning process.



Distributing territory assignments and executing on your territory strategy is easy by publishing to Geopointe. With this seamless integration, you are in complete control of aligning your territories to your unique go-to-market strategy all while being supported by the industry leaders in geolocation software.

Assign your territories
Territory Planner by Ascent Cloud Territory Optimizer

Territory Optimizer

Build out your territories and assignments with a click of a button as a starting point for your Territory Model.

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Territory Planner by Ascent Cloud Data Imports

Data Import

Import and combine data from external sources to build balanced territories outside your CRM framework.

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Territory Planner by Ascent Cloud Map Visual

Visualize Your Data on the Map

Use geographic and visual tools to gain instant insight from a complete picture of your territories and their value.

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Export Territory Model to CSV

Bring your Territory Model data into any other system of record involved in your go-to-market strategy and/or business operations

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Territory Model Editor

Set up data points and shapes and then use insights from Measures and other visualizations to inform your decision-making.

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Territory Planner by Ascent Cloud Shape Library

Shape Library

Easily create accurate and contiguous territory shapes with an up-to-date library of boundaries for States, Postal Codes and MSAs.

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Territory Planner by Ascent Cloud Map Editor

Territory Shape Editor

Visually build territories with user-friendly tools and use geographic insight to manage them.

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Measures: Territory Insights

Get quantitative insights into how Accounts, Opportunities, and/or Leads are distributed across territories and be able to make comparisons in real-time.

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Publish to Geopointe

Simply use the Publish action once your Territory Model is finalized to activate it in Geopointe.

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Import Geopointe Data Sets

Seamlessly integrate your Geopointe data between your territory models and your territory execution.

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Import Territories and Other Shapes from Geopointe

Reduce the time and effort of rebuilding shapes already created in Geopointe. 

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