Geopointe helps Paycor’s sellers make better use of time in the field.

“With Geopointe, Paycor field sales team members perform 14% better on their weekly appointment goals. Geopointe has been a big win for our sales organization, it’s helping our sellers make better use of time in the field.”

Brian Vass, Vice President, Revenue Operations, Paycor

The Challenges
  • Paycor’s field sales organization (“sellers”) are out in the field everyday and did not have an efficient way for sellers to plan their day or week in the field.
  • Sellers struggled to identify who they wanted to visit each day and then actually navigate to those different accounts. Time was wasted looking for accounts that were near each other and then opening Salesforce mobile to copy and paste the location details into Google maps.
  • Time was lost as sellers were trying to navigate to accounts in unfamiliar territories.
  • Teams had difficulty visualizing sales territories as they were unable to plot their accounts on a map to see what their territories looked like.
  • Marketing experienced difficulty identifying leads to include in regional marketing campaigns.
Why Geopointe
  • Paycor needed tools that were proven, trusted and scalable. With over 700 reviews on the AppExchange and built to scale with any company size, Geopointe fulfilled these three requirements.
  • Geopointe allows field sales teams to make better use of their time, both in the field and preparing for their day. They can plot their prospects/clients/partners on a map to see which ones are closest to one another and then find the optimal driving route.
  • When cancellations occur, sellers are able to open Salesforce mobile and use the Geopointe map to find contacts near their location to fill in the calendar gap.
  • Sellers can log their activity through Geopointe while in the field, they don’t have to wait until they’re back at a computer later that evening or over the weekend.
  • The marketing team is able to easily locate leads near their event venue by using the Geopointe map. They can then add these leads to a Salesforce Campaign and send them an invitation.
The Results
  • Geopointe helps make the sales team more effective and makes their lives easier, thus, there is a strong adoption of Geopointe across the sales team. This has also resulted in helping to drive overall Salesforce adoption in the organization.
  • Geopointe users perform 14% better on their weekly appointment goals. As a volume driven business, the Paycor sales team makes field appointments every week with new prospects and has a goal of a certain number of appointments they’re supposed to make. Paycor has found team members who utilize Geopointe are more likely to achieve their goals.
  • Frontline sales leaders can see their territories on the map and quickly see how accounts are distributed among their team members across the territories.
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