Sales Performance Management
for Manufacturing

Improve your manufacturing supply chain process and workflows with geolocation-based insights and performance tracking. Geopointe for Manufacturing gives you the ability to visualize your business in Salesforce by showing customers, suppliers, orders, deliveries, and other data on the map. LevelEleven ensures that sales reps know where they stand in relation to their goals and improves leadership’s visibility into their team’s performance. 

Optimize distribution channels and make field sales routes more efficient to reduce cost and deliver the best service possible. Then grow your business by engaging and motivating your sales reps to focus on the behaviors that drive results. Both distribution and retail focused manufacturing can use business insights from Performance Scorecards and maps for Salesforce to accelerate business strategy and improve organizational efficiency.

Sales Teams in the Field
  • Identify where your target accounts reside on the map, then use routing and optimization capabilities to create targeted routes and visit more distributors, warehouses, or customers per day
  • Accelerate onboarding by quickly giving new reps visibility into their geographic territory and use Success Plans to coach new hires consistently
  • Visualize where your distributors are in relation to warehouses, plants or other facilities on the map in Salesforce to uncover opportunities to grow sales
  • Keep team members engaged and motivated to perform with Contests and Leaderboards that encourage friendly competition

Service Technicians in the Field
  • Create the most efficient routes for technicians to reduce travel time and increase time spent with customers
  • Apply geographic analysis of product or service issues to address them most efficiently and improve quality control
  • Visualize service territories and coverage areas including those supported by third party service providers
  • Use Live Vehicle Tracking to show the exact location of technicians and provide insights into vehicle performance and driver behavior

Management & Operations
  • Create and visualize territories on the map, then overlay with distributor or customer data, showing reps where they should be spending their time
  • Validate distribution, sales and service team locations and duration of time spent on site for compliance with Mobile Check-in functions
  • Use automated assignments to route leads and/or service cases into assigned territories
  • Identify the behaviors that lead to success for your team on your Performance Scorecards, and increase visibility in large teams with roll-up and drill-down views of performance from Executive Scorecard
  • Coach your team to success with LevelEleven Coaching

  • Overlay market data with your sales data to determine the most impactful location for product launches
  • Utilize our “add to campaign” capabilities to execute targeted email and direct mail campaigns to a geographic list
  • Design regional promotions based on customer mix and demographic data

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