Big Ass Fans Finds Growth That Wouldn’t Exist Without Geopointe

“Every single person on my team wakes up and uses Geopointe on an almost-daily basis.”

Zachary Turner, Director of Outside Sales

The Challenges
  • Big Ass Fans supplies thousands with industrial cooling products, which means they needed to automate and visualize as much of their process as possible to best serve their customers
  • Multiple inside and outside teams were missing high value accounts without a functional mapping software
  • Needed a solution to support important decision-making, like adding headcount, where to run marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Required a way to visualize and organize service and support to meet their gold-standard 48hr promise
Why Geopointe?
  • Geopointe goes above and beyond with technical performance and usability for strategic business decisions
  • Ascent Cloud took the time to develop a relationship and provide support at every step of their customer journey
  • Geopointe “stands on its own” compared to others in the space
The Results
  • Grow Smarter, Faster – Geopointe helps visualize growth potential with heat map reporting, revealing clusters of high value areas that would require additional headcount to cover. BAF is able to create new hiring and revenue growth opportunities that wouldn’t exist without Geopointe.
  • Cost Reduction – Informed decision making begins and ends with Geopointe, especially when it comes to supporting company-wide initiatives like Marketing campaigns. With Geopointe, they are able to spend 1/10th the cost on Marketing campaigns with razor-sharp insights from mapping the data.
  • Knowledge is Power – Geopointe reporting allows for perfect alignment across all teams, providing a digestible way to know what everyone is supposed to be working on and why — from new hires to higher ups. Results in this realm pave the way for the CEO to have more face time with customers, and more efficient service and support.
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