Stream uses LevelEleven to Improve Visibility and Transparency

“The support and experience from the top…you never feel like you’re not the largest client… You get that feeling from every single person you talk to.”

– Jessica Nelson, Sr. Director of Pipeline & Sales Development, Stream

The Challenges
  • The organization needed clarity and consistency around looking at KPIs, something to help SDRs understand what was expected of them and how to achieve it
  • Formerly, individual reps had to manually enter their activity numbers in a spreadsheet, and managers had to stay on top of follow up and verify the numbers were correct
  • Gamification was also a focus, with contests taking hours to build and weren’t updated in real time
  • Wanted to avoid a lack of focus and overwhelming with too many metrics, instead highlighting the key metrics powerful enough to move the needle
Why LevelEleven?
  • The LevelEleven Scorecard helps managers see gaps and understand where they need to step in and coach their team
  • The support from top down feels like every client is the biggest client, whatever the company size
  • Conversion metrics shows the cascading effect of metrics being tracked in an intuitive visualization
  • The contests update in real time, saving hours of work and providing context on where team members ranked relative to their peers
The Results
  • Goal Definition & Alignment – The clarity that LevelEleven provides helps ensure focus & alignment. Everyone can see exactly what their goals are and understand what they are trying to accomplish.
  • Transparency and Clarity – The health of the team improved with the newfound transparency from LevelEleven. The organization went from SDRs unsure of what their daily or weekly activity should be, to a clear view of the path to success.
  • Leading Indicators and Conversion Rates – LevelEleven gave managers an insight into conversion rates from one activity metric to the next, and could predict how a change in leading indicators would cascade down to other metrics.
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