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We partnered with Sales Management Association to research the impact COVID-19 is having on sales organizations’ performance measurement trends.

In this report, we uncover sales organizations’ performance measurement approaches for financial outcomes, activity measurements, as well as adjustments made in response to the 2020 global pandemic. Download your copy today to discover our findings.

Listen to our latest Ascent Cloud Table Talks episode, Creating the Next Step for Your SDRs. In this episode, we brought together a handful of Ascent Cloud team members to chat about the history of promoting your SDRs and why it matters, the benefits and challenges of developing your SDRs in the organization, and what works and what doesn’t work when you choose to make this part of your culture.


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Get a a first-hand look at the solutions Ascent Cloud offers sales and customer-facing teams. 

Discover how our suite of sales performance management products helps teams focus and improve the behaviors that drive results.

Learn how Geopointe provides geographic insights using geolocation within Salesforce to easily visualize your data.

Increase efficiency, preparedness and productivity with critical information at your fingertips, optimized routing, and real-time visibility into your performance towards goals.

“Geopointe has been a big win for our sales organization; it’s helping our sellers make better use of time in the field.” – Brian Vass, Paycor

Tune in to our Table Talks episode to learn how to track sales metrics and performance measurement and why it’s important.