Roundtable: Maximize pipeline with intelligent goal setting

In this roundtable discussion, sales and enablement leaders share how they’re making the most of their pipeline through goal precision and motivational strategies.

Ascent Cloud Winter 2023 Release

Watch the webinar from our latest release to learn how Ascent Cloud’s latest updates will continue to help your sales teams plan, execute, and grow into 2024.

Start the year strong with the right territory planning strategy

Learn how to start your year strong by making sure your territory planning strategy is aligned to dominate the market.

Impact Pipeline with Sales Coaching and Onboarding

View our on-demand webinar to learn the differences between coaching and onboarding, and the impact of effective onboarding on your pipeline.

Enhancing Sales Force Insights with Geoanalytics

View our on-demand webinar to learn how firms are integrating and applying geoanalytics to improve sales force reporting.

Webinar Replay  |  Introducing Territory Planner

Learn how you build, balance, and optimize your territories using Territory Planner by Ascent Cloud.

Using Short Term Sales Incentives

View our on-demand webinar to hear all the different aspects that go into using sales contests to motivate your teams. 

Performance Measurement Trends in Sales Organizations

Get a first-hand look at the findings of our survey examining sales organizations’ performance measurement approaches and the adjustments made in response to the 2020 global pandemic. Craig Bickley, Ascent Cloud SVP of Sales, and Bob Kelly, Sales Management Association Chairman, provide a high-level overview of the research findings and management implications.

Solutions for the Modern Sales Team

Get a a first-hand look at the solutions Ascent Cloud offers sales and customer-facing teams. 

Virtual Selling with Factor 8

Join us to sharpen and even add a few new tools to your belt to help you succeed today, and tomorrow.