Sales Performance Management
for Customer Success

Build stronger relationships and gain deeper customer insight while keeping track of open cases and other essential activities in Salesforce. For those who are customer-facing, whether your title is Customer Success Manager, Account Manager or Relationship Manager, the powerful filtering capabilities Ascent Cloud’s solutions provide make all that data more manageable.

Spend your time ensuring all your accounts receive the attention and service they need, rather than wasting it with tedious data entering processes. Track your activities in a performance management system to instantly understand how you’re performing against goals, or participate in contests to get your team motivated to close those cases!

Clusters & Heat Maps

Clustering & heat mapping solutions allow you to see where accounts and contacts are concentrated for valuable insight into your customers. When you have thousands of records or data points, clustering is essential for simplifying your view of markers on the map. With heatmaps, you’re able to take data visualization and aggregation a step further, quickly narrowing down the focus to your most important customers when you need to prioritize your biggest accounts first.

Advanced Data Filtering

With so many customer accounts to keep track of, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by information overload. Make data more manageable with Geopointe by filtering based on activities in a customer’s interaction history, or date of upcoming renewal contract, all while visualizing this more abstract data on a map.

The powerful visual filtering capabilities will save you the time & headache of comparing multiple Salesforce reports to try to pinpoint where you need to focus your attention.


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