How to Improve Your 1-1's

Podcast Episode: 8

At Ascent Cloud, we discuss a performance management methodology all the time; what it is, and what it can do. At its core, a solid performance management strategy is about saving time and giving leaders time back in their schedules to focus on their team’s success, rather than constantly putting out fires. 

This month, Jacqueline Leras, Marketing Coordinator, is joined by her Ascent Cloud colleague, Steve Dombroski, Account Management Team Lead, to discuss how to improve your 1-1’s to encourage better conversations and drive success. 

In this episode, they chat about:

  • Giving yourself permission to slow down
  • Allowing your reps to drive the conversation
  • Tracking the success of your 1-1’s through work performance and life achievements

Steve Dombroski

Account Management Team Lead

Steve Dombroski has 17+ Years of experience in Sales, Leadership, and Customer Experience. With a passion for sales performance management and sales team enablement, he is known as a customer-centric business leader that prioritizes high levels of integrity, work ethic, and communication. In his position as a Team Lead on the Account Management team with Ascent Cloud, he helps sales teams focus on the behaviors and priorities that matter, and sales leaders to create a culture of development within their organization.

Outside of the office, Steve is an active recording and live musician and has recently released two new albums with his band, Visitor. He also loves to travel with his girlfriend and has rescued two cats; Sasha and Gary Clark Jr. Jr.

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