Ascent Cloud Winter 2023 Release

We could not be more excited to share all the exciting innovations across our Sales Performance Management solutions in the Ascent Cloud Winter 2023 Release.

This latest release explores a host of customer-driven enhancements to help companies plan, execute, and grow more effectively. In this article, you will learn about key enhancements made to Territory Planner, Geopointe, and LevelEleven.

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Territory Planner Winter 2023 Updates

The Ascent Cloud team is always working hard to deliver Territory Planner users with innovative ways to plan their sales territories more efficiently and effectively. The Winter 2023 Release is no exception.

Territory Analysis Enhancements

Territory Planner will be updated to better organize shape and data visualizations with the introduction of Territory Hierarchy Layers. This new feature will allow users to build layers independent of each other or build more complex structures.

These layers can be melded together in parent-child relationships in order to aid in building more complex territory plans while also simplifying data across the maps. Once established, users will have the ability to view one or several layers on the map to provide even more context in their territory decision-making process. 


The Winter 2023 Release also includes the introduction of Territory Model Alternatives. This powerful tool harnesses the capabilities of the Territory Optimizer in order to allow side-by-side comparisons of potential territory builds. Look at this as a “what if” analysis, giving you the chance to test different territory scenarios against assumptions like weighted average calculations, number of territories created, etc. 

Territory Planner users will also be able to edit the number of territories and re-optimize an Alternative as well as copy an Alternative based on preexisting ones.

Productivity Enhancements

Territory Planner users will be able to improve their overall business process with the introduction of Territory Model Approvals. This feature is an optional multi-functional process for the act of approving an active Territory Model.

Current model sets are automatically set to Draft state, and Territory Model Approvals answers the need to more dynamically tailor the process of a model going from draft, review, and active states. For example, one update with Territory Model Approvals provides the ability to Publish to Geopointe and Export to CSV for Territory Models that are in Active states. 

The second update to this approval process includes an option to add an approval process for licensed users of Territory Planner. These users can add reviewers of a model in a Review state. Notification emails will be sent out, and action can be taken from that point for either acceptance or rejection of the model. 

In simple terms, the new Territory Model Approvals helps streamline the internal review process when creating, reviewing, and approving of territories created with Territory Planner.

Additional Territory Planner Enhancements

User experience and overall productivity have been top of mind in this latest round of enhancements for Territory Planner. 

In addition to what has been discussed, users will also be able to enjoy an assortment of enhancements that range from Dynamic Map Actions to make it easier to distinguish between actions and selections inside of Territory Planner all the way to the Territory Optimizer supporting the countries of Ireland and Sweden.

To learn more about what’s new inside of Territory Planner, read the full Release Notes here.

Geopointe Winter 2023 Updates

Since Geopointe is the best and brightest geolocation solution on the Salesforce AppExchange, our team takes great pride in continually updating its offerings for a pristine experience. The Geopointe Winter 2023 Release boasts several enhancements designed to continue helping the thousands of sales teams that rely on our solutions.

Geopointe Lists Enhancements

A quick fan-favorite from the Summer 2023 Release, Geopointe Lists has been enhanced with an assortment of new capabilities. Perhaps the most exciting is its availability in Salesforce Mobile.

Geopointe users can create targeted lists of Salesforce objects – like Accounts, Opportunities, Leads, etc — directly from the map. The mobile experience also allows users to work off of previously created Geopointe Lists in order to organize routes or collaborate with team members inside of Geopointe on the go.

In addition to the mobile experience, Geopointe Lists have been enhanced to include new capabilities, such as:

  • “Add to Calendar” and “Add to Route” Actions to bring list items into planned visits
  • “Add to Map” Action to visualize list items on the map
  • Share and/or archive Geopointe Lists

Route Planner Enhancements

Inside of the latest release, there have been big enhancements to the Geopointe Route Planner optimization metrics. These improvements were made in order to meet the growing needs of those taking advantage of Route Planner on a regular basis. 

In the latest update, there is now the ability to report on historic Route Plan periods in order to analyze and compare your data, which provides even greater insights into your daily operations.

The overall reporting capabilities have been improved for general user experience, as well. This allows the ability to generate more comprehensive reports, and it provides sales leaders with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.

Route Planner Optimization Metrics gives managers the ability to output various data sets such as Target Visit Number, Scheduled Visits, Unscheduled Visits, Visits Successfully Routed, among other vital records for analysis.

Additional Geopointe Enhancements

There is so much to explore inside of the Winter 2023 Release where Geopointe is concerned. All of the aforementioned updates are guaranteed to improve the way users interact with Geopointe, as well as set sales leaders and reps up for success in the new year. 

To uncover everything new inside of Geopointe, read the full Winter 2023 Release Notes here.

LevelEleven Winter 2023 Updates

Over the summer, the LevelEleven team introduced a groundbreaking gamification experience with the release of Competitions. In the latest round of updates, our team has continued their hard work with enhancements to Competitions, among a slew of other great offerings.

LevelEleven Competitions Enhancements

To build off of the success of the release of Competitions, the LevelEleven team is introducing a new Competitions type inside of the solution. In this latest update, we have added a new type with Group Vs. Group, allowing groups to compete as teams in a Race Against the Clock and/or Power Hour format. 

With Group Vs. Group Competitions, there is the option of using Score Advantages to give one or more groups a quick advantage during the competition. You might consider using Score Advantage if a group has fewer participants, or perhaps a manager would like to reward a group for going above and beyond. These points will be added to the group score and go towards the entire group total. 

Additional updates to Competitions include new detailed and/or filtered lists of records that make up a Competition, the ability to quickly add an unlicensed user to a LevelEleven Competition, and expanded functionality of Competition Metrics.

LevelEleven Administrative Enhancements

We are excited to announce enhancements to various LevelEleven permission sets that allow organizations to assign their own permissions to Salesforce Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Portal users. In short, this brings existing LevelEleven functionality like Builder, Coaching, Scorecards, and Competitions to PRM within Salesforce.

A few configuration requirements are necessary for LevelEleven to work to its full potential inside of each portal, and those details are highlighted in release documents linked at the bottom of this section. 

For more information on how we can help you bring coaching and gamification to PRM portals, as well as everything new that’s inside of the Winter 2023 Release, read the full LevelEleven Release Notes here.

Register for the Release Webinar!

We hope you are excited as we are about the latest from Territory Planner, Geopointe, and LevelEleven. We believe that these enhancements will empower sales leaders and individual team members with brand new ways to plan, execute, and grow.

Like always, this release is just the start of greatness in store. After making the decision to combine all three products for seasonal releases, we have understood the need for our users to see the updates in action. With that being said, we are proudly bringing back the Ascent Cloud Release Webinars!

For more information on the Ascent Cloud Winter 2023 release, and to learn more about any of our three offerings, be sure to register for the Release Webinar on January 16, 2024 at 1:00pm EST. 

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