Ascent Cloud Spring 2024 Release

We are thrilled to be sharing all the exciting updates across our entire suite of Sales Performance Management solutions in the Ascent Cloud Spring 2024 Release. 

This latest release includes a variety of new features to help companies plan, execute, and grow more effectively. In this article, you will discover the key enhancements made to Territory Planner, Geopointe, and LevelEleven.

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Territory Planner Spring 2024 Updates

The Ascent Cloud team is always working hard to provide sales leaders with the ability to jump into strategic discussions more quickly with territory planning solutions. In the latest round of product enhancements, Territory Planner sees a variety of updates with efficiency in mind.

Territory Planner Import Enhancements

There are many ways to import data into Territory Planner by Ascent Cloud. In the latest release, our team is bringing even more options to provide each of our customers with ultimate data flexibility to align with their unique go-to-market strategies. 

Sales leaders will now be able to build territories based on their reporting hierarchy with Hierarchy Import Automation. Establishing territories based on reporting hierarchy is done by mapping “Reports to” for imported employees. Once those reports are defined, Territory Planner will automate the Territory Model. This ultimately helps users who wish to drive their territories based on people hierarchy and establish consistency with their particular organization’s structure. 

Territory Planner is also making way for users to be able to import pre-existing territory models inside of the solution with Territory and Record Import Automation. This allows sales leaders to visualize existing data, automate models from raw data, and even provide a starting point for future territories. In short, this new data import option removes the threat of duplicate work and allows leaders to start their strategic planning and discussions faster. And, as we all know, faster decisions means more time for revenue-generating activities. 

If you are a Territory Planner user who finds that Shape Data is a large part of your decision-making process, then the new Aggregate Shape Data Support feature is right up your alley. For instance, let’s say you are an organization who drives territory decisions based on the number of customers in a particular zip code. This new option allows you to import aggregate shape data as a primary data source for assigning inside of Territory Planner.

Territory Planner Optimizer Enhancements

One of many things that sets Territory Planner apart from the competitors is our top-notch Territory Optimizer. Our team is always working hard to improve its capabilities, and the latest release is no exception. The Territory Optimizer now supports the United Kingdom and Ireland as one geographic region.

Users will also be able to choose to optimize either country, or selected areas on the map, and the powerful Territory Optimizer will automatically build balanced Territory shapes weighted by the metrics that matter most to your business. 

To learn more about everything new inside of Territory Planner, read the full Spring 2024 Release Notes here.

Geopointe Spring 2024 Updates

Geopointe founded the geolocation space inside of Salesforce, and, because of that, our team takes the product extremely seriously. Every single update to this top-rated solution is designed with customers in mind, and the Spring 2024 Release is no exception.

Geopointe Assignment Plan Enhancements

One of the most powerful features inside of Geopointe has received quite the facelift inside of the Spring 2024 Release. Assignment Plans, which saves organizations hours of work each week, boasts a hefty number of enhancements. 

For those who live and breathe Salesforce, the SOQL Filtering update will bring nothing but joy. This new feature allows you to customize Assignment Plan criteria uniquely for each territory instead of having the same criteria applied to the entire Plan. Possibly the largest benefit of this new offering is the ability to route records in a smarter, more granular fashion, bringing new levels of flexibility and intelligence to automating record assignments throughout Geopointe.

In the latest release, our team is also introducing a powerful assignment option inside of Geopointe, which we are referring to as Assign Record via Round Robin. Geopointe Assignment Plans will support a round robin record assignment, allowing for managers to add a list of potential owners and distribute records in an Assignment Area equally amongst them. 

In order for round robin assignment to be most effective, our team has also introduced the ability to Assign Records to Queues. Revenue Operations can now assign Salesforce records to Queues instead of individual users inside of Assignment Plans. Assigning a Queue to an Assignment Plan will result in those records being distributed via round robin, which enables an even workload distribution across your teams.

Additionally, Geopointe is now supporting the assignment of Account Teams to territories through new Customer Assignment Objects. The most common use case for this feature includes organizations who have multiple team members assigned to one account (such as an Account Manager and a Customer Success Manager, as one example).

Another powerful update to Assignment Plans inside of this release is the inclusion of Non-Geographical Assignment Plans. This enhancement allows users to configure rules to assign records based on criteria like Record Type, Industry, or Employee Count in addition to location. 

Additional updates to Geopointe’s Assignment Plans include:

  • Update Multiple Fields on Junction Object
  • Increased Batch Size Setting
  • Enhanced High-Performance Assignment Plan Batch Job Frequency 

Geopointe Lists Enhancements

The Geopointe feature that is driving flexibility and more organization inside of the solution, Geopointe Lists, is seeing new enhancements in the latest release. 

One such update is the Geopointe List Numerical Context, which provides automatic numbering for items in user lists added to the map. This provides a type of sequential display sort of like stop points on a route, but allows users to more easily correlate listed items with a certain order and location on the map. Numerical Context is meant to streamline workflows and make it easier to interpret location-based data. 

In addition to Numerical Context, new enhancements to List assignments have been put in place for users in the latest update:

  • Automatic List Saving
  • Prompt-Free Additions
  • Context-Aware List Persistence 
  • Multiple List Support
  • Automatic List Creation

Each enhancement ensures a seamless and more intuitive user experience when it comes to adding records of places to a Geopointe List, ultimately reducing unnecessary prompts and actions and providing larger flexibility in list management. 

To learn the full details behind each of these Geopointe List enhancements, as well as everything new inside of Geopointe, read the full Spring 2024 Release Notes here

LevelEleven Spring 2024 Updates

The latest gamification offering from LevelEleven, Competitions, is at the center of the Spring 2024 Release. These new enhancements will help sales leaders motivate and engage their teams quickly, and with exciting integrations.

LevelEleven Competitions Enhancements

When it comes to launching a Competition using LevelEleven, admins will find it easier than ever to get started. In the latest release, managers will now be able to create Competitions directly from their Scorecard. 

All the heavy lifting is done on our end, giving you more time to focus on productivity and results. A new drop-down menu option for the Scorecard Actions will include “Create Competition” to make the process seamless.

Outside of set-up enhancements, Competitions users will be treated to a brand new Competition format, and it might look familiar. Our team has brought the fan-favorite Milestones over to Competitions for even more options when it comes to reaching goals in an exciting way. Once an admin selects Milestone as the Competition format, they will have the option to choose whether to use individual users’ goals for the tracked metric or create a custom goal applied to individual users. 

Managers and reps alike will be able to see how they’re pacing toward their goal in real time, which creates excitement around the ordinary activities as well as keeping visibility in the forefront of your organization. 

Perhaps one of the most exciting updates to the Competitions feature in the latest release is a new integration with productivity tools most commonly used across any organization. Competitions will now be able to connect with Slack or Microsoft Teams to send notifications to announce the start and end of Competitions, as well as progress updates along the way. We have provided default messages for these various announcements, but admins can customize them to their liking. 

LevelEleven Administrative Enhancements

In addition to the various exciting gamification enhancements, LevelEleven managers will be treated to an assortment of administrative enhancements to make life a lot easier.

Workers come and go, which can make it tricky to manage things inside of Salesforce. With the latest round of updates, we have made it possible for inactive Salesforce users to automatically be removed from their LevelEleven license and permission sets. This small but mighty update frees up the burden on any Salesforce Administrator from having to check to see if there are inactive users taking up valuable LevelEleven licenses. 

Additional LevelEleven administrative enhancements inside of this release include:

  • User Administration from Scorecard Builder
  • Badge Image Administration

To learn more about the additional administrative enhancements and discover everything new inside of LevelEleven, read the full Spring Release Notes here.

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We hope you are excited as we are about the latest from Territory Planner, Geopointe, and LevelEleven. We genuinely believe that these updates will empower sales leaders and reps alike with new ways to plan, execute, and grow this year and beyond. 

Reading about everything alone is a lot to take in. And, as map and gamification people, we tend to believe in visual learning. Because of that, we understand the importance of seeing these updates in action, so that’s exactly what we’re doing. 

For more information on the Ascent Cloud Spring 2024 Release, and to learn more about any of our three offerings, be sure to watch the recording of our live webinar.

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