Ascent Cloud Spring 2023 Release

Extra, extra, read all about it! We are so excited to share all the latest and greatest updates across our entire suite of solutions in the Ascent Cloud Spring 2023 Release. 

Because we are passionate about all areas of Sales Performance Management, we have decided to combine all of our product enhancements into seasonal releases that include updates to Territory Planner, Geopointe, and LevelEleven. 

We encourage you to read through this blog to learn about all of the latest updates and improvements across all of our offerings, but feel free to quickly jump to a particular section:

Territory Planner Spring 2023 Updates

Since its launch in the Summer of 2022, Territory Planner has been helping users build, balance, and optimize their territories with more ease and flexibility than ever before. Inside of the Spring 2023 Release, performance and user experience to support customers of any size are top of mind.

Territory Planner Performance Enhancements

Speed, speed, and more speed is the name of the game as processing efficiency across Territory Planner has vastly improved. Loading times throughout Territory Planner have kicked into high gear, allowing users to load, optimize, and work with their data faster than ever before to support our goal of being the fastest territory planning solution on the market with fast loading time of over 100,000 data points!

Territory Optimizer Enhancements

In addition to overall speed, performance enhancements also include an expansion of the Territory Optimizer. US Counties are now supported in Territory Optimizer, which significantly expands the options to configure optimal territories that support the go-to-market strategy for any business.

Territory Planner User Experience Enhancements

You can’t talk about performance enhancements without also bringing user experience to the table. In the latest release, the entire Territory Planner experience as a whole has improved for ease of use. 

Some of these enhancements include: 

  • Tips throughout the application to support a more clear user pathway
  • More streamlined data import experience 
  • Lock Data Points for fine-tuning assignments 

Learn about the full list of Territory Planner Updates inside of the Spring 2023 Release Notes.

Geopointe Spring 2023 Updates

Since pioneering the geolocation space on Salesforce, we have always put our customers first. Because of this, user experience and design is often top of mind in any Geopointe release and the Spring 2023 Release is no exception.

Geopointe Shape Library Enhancements

Our industry-leading Shape Library is one of the things that sets us apart, and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve user experience. The latest round of updates includes features to support Unique Zip Codes, Canadian FSAs, and the 188th Congressional District.

With Unique Zip Codes, users can represent individual places like PO boxes, campuses, large buildings, and government agencies on the map. Previously, these locations were shown as points that were not able to be selected or referenced when building shapes for territories or other geoanalytics. Unique Zip Codes are now defined by small zones that can be selected in Geopointe to visually build shapes for your territories.

Canadian Forward Sortation Areas (FSAs) have been included in the Geopointe Shape Library for years to better support our diverse customer base. These FSAs represent geographic locations that cover the first three numbers of a postal code and with the Spring 2023 release, the Canadian FSA shapes in the Geopointe Shape Library have been updated to reflect the most recent census data.

Geopointe User Experience Enhancements

In addition to many other enhancements to our Data Set Editor, our team created a brand new modal window for creating a new Data Set. This modern look is more consistent with what you would expect of Salesforce Lightning style.

Additionally, the latest set of user experience enhancements includes the ability for admins to disable Notes on Route Stops. These Notes are frequently used to provide information about a particular Record on a Route, but some organizations may wish to hide the ability to add or view them. As an important note, this will not remove any existing Notes on a Route.

Additional Geopointe Enhancements

The excitement is endless, or at least we think so! Geopointe users can find a whole host of other enhancements inside of the Spring 2023 release, including: 

  • A more modernized Thematic Maps experience
  • A new Territory Planner tab for improved integration
  • And more!

Learn about the full list of Geopointe updates inside of the Spring 2023 Release Notes.

LevelEleven Spring 2023 Updates

Ascent Cloud prides itself on empowering sales leaders to motivate what matters and align people to outcomes using powerful coaching and gamification solutions inside of LevelEleven. The latest round of updates to LevelEleven includes a strong focus on the coaching aspect of sales performance management, and it’s all designed with your team in mind.

LevelEleven Coaching Enhancements

Our team has overhauled the entire Coaching Note experience. Users will now have a more clear and informative method of sifting through their coaching conversations. From the Editor screen, users will be able to view everyone on a full screen, reference an Activity Snapshot at the top, save their Coaching Note in real time, and view a color-coded status message.

The status message is a new, dynamic addition to the coaching experience. These colored messages are aimed to inform about next steps a user should take using logic you’d expect. 

Additional updates to the coaching experience include:

  • New coaching notification logic
  • See notifications throughout Scorecard
  • Access Coaching from Mini Scorecard

As part of a large focus on revamping our Coaching solution, users can also find Action Items enhancements inside of the Spring 2023 Release. The updates to the design are meant to make completing an action item much easier, with nothing more than the click of a button.

LevelEleven Administrative Enhancements

There have been a variety of administrative enhancements to offer you more control over your LevelEleven experience. 

In the latest release, admins are now able to define their data retention policy for Scorecard Logs, which includes the ability to establish a schedule to automatically delete older log records. Scorecard Logs can provide a useful archive of data history, but some organizations may want a way to delete these records after a predefined period of time (e.g. after 2+ years). 

More administrative enhancements inside of this release include:

  • The ability to Hide View Records for security purposes
  • Exclude users from Contest Triggers
  • And more!

Learn more about all of the enhancements to LevelEleven in the Spring 2023 Release Notes.

What’s Next? You Tell Us!

User experience is always top of mind for us — after all, some of our best ideas are born out of conversations with our fantastic customers. 

We hope you are as excited as we are about the latest from Territory Planner, Geopointe, and LevelEleven. We know these enhancements will empower sales leaders and teams alike with new and creative ways to achieve all of their goals — both personal and business-wide. 

For more information on this release, and to learn more about any of our three offerings, be sure to contact us for a great conversation.

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