Ascent Cloud Summer 2023 Release

Ascent Cloud Summer 2023 Release

We could not be more excited to share all the exciting innovations across our Sales Performance Management solutions in the Ascent Cloud Summer 2023 Release.

This latest release explores a host of customer-driven enhancements to help companies plan, execute, and grow more effectively. In this article, you will learn about key enhancements made to Territory Planner, Geopointe, and LevelEleven.

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Territory Planner Summer 2023 Updates

We recently celebrated one year anniversary of launching Territory Planner, and our team has been busy enhancing this solution to help Sales Executives and Revenue Operations teams build, balance, and optimize their territories.

Global Territory Optimizer

Territory Planner customers are now able to optimize their sales territories on a global scale. Territory Planner’s intelligent Territory Optimizer now supports a growing list of countries and shape types across the globe. This is a must-have for companies with multinational operations or if you are exploring new market expansion opportunities.

Territory Planner users can choose to optimize an entire country, or selected areas on the map, and the Territory Optimizer will automatically build balanced Territory shapes weighted by your selected metrics. This level of flexibility is a big step forward for companies and their Revenue Operations teams as many other territory planning software solutions force you to select one metric for territory optimization and that metric is often from a predefined list of options.

People Management

With the Summer 2023 Release, Territory Planner users will be able to import their team members independently from other data. With the new People Management tab, you can import team members all at once and use them across all your Territory Models. People records can be edited individually, which makes it much simpler to manage as your organization grows and evolves over time. 

Additionally, imported lists of team members are now visible on the map as People Data Layers. This shows where team members are located relative to their territories to provide additional insights to Sales Executive and Revenue Operations teams during the territory planning process.

Gain/Loss Comparison

A critical component of territory planning is having the ability to understand the outcome of many different scenarios. What would happen if you moved a key customer, a zip code, and/or a county from one territory to another? What does that change look like in terms of units (e.g. Accounts, Opportunities, Leads) and dollars (e.g. current revenue, revenue potential)?

You need the ability to understand the impact of these proposed changes before updating your team’s territories. Previously, Revenue Operations teams had to rely on spreadsheets or complex data warehouses to provide this level of insight.

Now with Territory Planner’s new Gain/Loss Comparison, Territory Planner users will have a new dynamic comparison table to see how potential changes will impact the related territories prior to applying the changes.

Additional Territory Planner Enhancements

Our team knows how much of a headache territory planning can be, which is why we created Territory Planner in the first place. Because of this, each release focuses on real-world company needs when it comes to building, balancing, and optimizing territories. 

Additional enhancements for our customers in this release include:

  • A redesigned and expanded Shape Editor
  • The ability to export territory sub-shapes
  • Data import validation to highlight data that needs to be corrected 

Learn about the full list of Territory Planner enhancements by reading the Summer 2023 Release Notes.

Geopointe Summer 2023 Updates

We take great pride in Geopointe being the first geolocation solution on the Salesforce AppExchange. With this power comes great responsibility, and we take our standing as industry-leaders very seriously for the thousands of sales teams that rely on our solutions. The Geopointe Summer 2023 Release is no exception.

Geopointe Lists

Geopointe is great for organizing and scheduling visits and meetings, but have you ever found yourself wanting to work off of a general running list? We have great news for you.

With the Summer 2023 Release, Geopointe users can now create unordered lists directly on the map to harness the full potential of your Salesforce and non-Salesforce data.

Geopointe Lists act as a great starting point to easily share target Accounts/Contacts/Leads, qualify opportunities, or even collaborate with team members inside of Geopointe. These list items can be exported to the calendar, check-in while in the field, mark the list item completed, or any other Geopointe Action.

Additionally, managers gain visibility and insight, with the ability to view, edit, and share Geopointe Lists with their teams, which provides new opportunities for better planning, retrospective analysis, and coaching.

Calendar-Based Scheduling Enhancements

A customer-favorite, Calendar-Based Scheduling, received a few enhancements in the Summer 2023 Release. 

One such update is Recurring Calendar Events. Users can now easily set up repeating events, much like you would in other calendars such as Google or Salesforce. When creating an event, Geopointe users now have the option to make it repeatable where you can choose the frequency to meet all of your scheduling needs.

In addition to Recurring Calendar Events, you can now integrate all attendees into your Geopointe scheduling process. Geopointe users are now able to view, add, and edit multiple attendees for any event, which will ensure even greater visibility across your organization.

Mobile UX Enhancements

The ability to take business on the go is very important to our customers, which is why our team works hard to enhance Geopointe’s mobile capabilities with every release.

With this Summer 2023 Release, Geopointe users will be able to take advantage of an enhanced search experience within Geopointe Mobile. Field teams will be able to see their recent searches, nearby points of interest, and Salesforce records all within a unified search experience.

Additionally, field teams will be happy to hear that the lasso tool is coming to Geopointe Mobile with the Summer 2023 Release. This new enhancement allows you to select points of interest more intuitively and take action while you are out in the field.

Additional Geopointe Enhancements

A customer-driven roadmap is always at the heart of our releases. In addition to the aforementioned updates to Geopointe, many exciting enhancements await.

These include:

  • Polygon and Rectangle Shape Merging
  • Dataset Field Drag & Drop in Mobile
  • Updates to our industry-leading Geopointe Shape Library

Discover the full list of Geopointe enhancements by reading the Summer 2023 Release Notes.

LevelEleven Summer 2023 Updates

At its core, LevelEleven has always been a holistic sales performance management solution, empowering sales leaders to execute a successful sales strategy and grow their team members throughout their careers. This is accomplished through robust sales coaching and gamification. With the Summer Release, our team has been focused on the power of motivation and gamification.

LevelEleven Competitions

Historically speaking, it has been painful to coordinate, launch, and track any sort of sales competition without involving several people and disparate systems. Because of this, we are thrilled to provide customers with a brand new sales gamification experience inside of LevelEleven. With Competitions, sales leaders can easily motivate their teams using sales contests natively within Salesforce. 

LevelEleven Managers and Admins will be able to quickly set up a Competition while participants of the Competition receive points as they complete pre-defined behaviors. These behaviors are related to chosen metrics based on what is most important to your company and its growth strategy.

The current Competition type offered is the “Free for All” and it can be set to either “Race Against the Clock” or “Power Hour” in terms of format. Each Competition will have participants competing as individuals to see who can score the most points before time runs out. Optional Awards will be given to the top 3 performers once a Competition has been finalized, and will be available for everyone to see. 

Each Competition will have its own leaderboard, which will show:

  • A countdown clock to let you know how much time is left 
  • The number of participants 
  • The metric name and a description of the metric for context when hovered over

Trophy Case

With the introduction of a brand new gamification experience comes a new way for winners to see their achievements all in one place. Previously known as “Badge Gallery,” the new Trophy Case provides a location for users to see Awards and Badges at once.

LevelEleven Tab in Salesforce

As the only Salesforce-native gamification solution, our team takes user experience very seriously. With the Summer 2023 Release, LevelEleven users will find a more streamlined interface with the new LevelEleven tab.

The new LevelEleven tab combines the Scorecard and Manager Scorecard tabs into one, which allows for a centralized hub for LevelEleven users to access everything they need. Instead of searching for Scorecard or Manager Scorecard inside of Salesforce, you can simply search for LevelEleven or click on the LevelEleven tab.

This new LevelEleven tab will also have navigation options for Competitions, Scorecard, Trophy Case (previously Badge Gallery), and LevelEleven Builder, meaning you will not need to switch tabs within Salesforce to access any LevelEleven functionality.

LevelEleven Administrative Enhancements

In addition to a streamlined user experience, our team has worked hard on improving the administrative experience as well. With the Summer 2023 Release, the new LevelEleven Builder home page now includes LevelEleven Settings.

LevelEleven Admins will now have quicker and easier access to things like custom objects, feature keys, integration configurations, and more. 

Additional administrative enhancements include:

  • Competition Metrics inside of Metric Builder
  • Seamless LevelEleven licensing for Competitions
  • Overall navigation enhancements

Learn more about all of the LevelEleven enhancements by reading the Summer 2023 Release Notes.

More to Come

We hope you are excited as we are about the latest from Territory Planner, Geopointe, and LevelEleven. We believe that these enhancements will empower sales leaders and individual team members with brand new ways to plan, execute, and grow.

Like always, this release is just the start of greatness in store. 

For more information on the Ascent Cloud Summer 2023 release, and to learn more about any of our three offerings, be sure to contact us for a great conversation.

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