Rational AG uncovers the path to lead growth with Geopointe.

“Geopointe has increased transparency into our Salesforce data and allowed our team to improve efficiency and effectiveness in their trip planning.”

Christoph Ordner, Director Customer Experience Management

The Challenges
  • Finding a geolocation solution that would integrate with Salesforce.
  • Creating optimized routes for a team of 300 sales managers for on-site visits.
  • Easily locating Accounts to add to a planned trip based on location and pre-defined criteria.
  • Identifying new leads within a sales manager’s territory.
  • Simplifying the process of marketing local visits based on location.
Why Geopointe
  • Geopointe’s layer function makes it easy to figure out territories when 3M organizes territories by ZIP codes but channel partners use counties. Layering both shape types on the map easily creates territories that can then be used in presentations and distributed to the correct reps.
  • Extensive Knowledge Base empowers users to easily utilize the full power of Geopointe’s features.
  • Geopointe’s CSV Import feature allows users to import data from a CSV onto the Geopointe map in Salesforce and save that data as a layer.
The Results
  • Data quality is key – if information is missing from your Salesforce records, you will be missing information (Account details, address details, etc.) when utilizing Geopointe .
  • Ensure proper training and follow up is rolled out to users. We all know change can be hard, so to set your team up for success, make sure they are trained and follow up to confirm the training was adequate enough for them to feel confident using Geopointe.
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