Sales Transformation Changes the Game for Bluewater

“LevelEleven makes it easier on my day to track individual performance by my sales reps, be able to hold them accountable to the goals that we have.”

Jonathan Welzel, Bluewater Technologies 

The Challenges
  • Bluewater is an established audio video integration and events technology company, but their sales approach was an “old school” method of pursuing leads and had not kept pace with new technology. 
  • The company had no problem servicing and growing clients and attracted clients from word of mouth and an excellent reputation, but they recognized that the sales team could do so much more with a new approach to sales and digital transformation.
Why LevelEleven?
  • Bluewater’s EVP of Sales introduced a structured sales process, and required a sales performance management tool that seamlessly integrated with Salesforce
  • A new focus beyond closed deals and revenue meant they needed a way to actively manage the activities and behaviors that are critical to improving outcomes
  • LevelEleven offered a way to implement consistent metrics across selling teams and managers, as well as streamline reporting and dashboards into simplified Scorecards to focus on key selling behaviors
The Results
  • The team now generates demand instead of responding to it. 
  • Management has better visibility of sales activity, the funnel, pipeline, and the sales team has developed a new culture of accountability and performance. 
  • The sales team has fun watching the congratulatory TV screen splashed and often comments on the addictiveness of hitting goals. 
  • The sales transformation, including LeveleEleven as a pivotal piece, has propelled Bluewater’s growth. The company generates thousands more sales calls per month and has a pipeline 8 times larger than before. Within a week, the amount of lead follow-ups within 24 hours doubled. 


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