Aligning Sales & Marketing Efforts

Podcast Episode: 1

Cassie Dodd, Director of Marketing, is joined by Ascent Cloud VP of Sales, Mark Baird, to discuss the importance of sales and marketing alignment. 

Here’s what they talked about:

  • Struggles they have experienced or seen in the past with marketing teams
  • Background of Mark and Cassie starting to work together (and what they’ve seen works!)
  • Things they have done to maintain the positive relationship between marketing and sales
  • Recommendations to teams building out marketing/sales alignment

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Mark Baird

VP of Sales

As the VP of Sales, Mark runs sales & business development at Ascent Cloud. Mark grew up in Wisconsin and earned a business degree from University of Wisconsin, Madison. After graduating, he headed West for warmer weather and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and 2 sons. Mark started his career in technology helping companies build on-premise data centers and fully embraced cloud computing as a Salesforce employee. As a former Salesforce Employee and business development professional Mark knows first hand what a gamechanger Ascent Cloud is.

Cassie Dodd

Director of Marketing

As Director of Marketing, Cassie Dodd oversees all marketing efforts for Ascent Cloud and Ascent Cloud’s leading Salesforce applications, Geopointe and LevelEleven. Cassie joined the Ascent Cloud marketing team (then Geopointe) in 2018. Prior to that, she spent 8 years marketing various B2B SaaS solutions, primarily focused on healthcare.

A California State University of Long Beach graduate, Cassie holds a Bachelors of Arts in Communication with an emphasis in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication. She also obtained a Special Events Certification through the California State University Extension Services.

Over the course of 10 years, Cassie has participated in one marathon, 13 half marathons and two Spartan obstacle course races (plus at least one nap for every event). In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, cooking and perusing Pinterest for new (delicious) meal ideas.

As both a leader and team contributor, Cassie continually strives to “choose joy” no matter the situation. Each day may bring a new set of challenges, but Cassie knows it’s her choice how she responds to those challenges.  While her main role at Ascent Cloud may be to make sure everyone knows about the solutions Ascent Cloud offers, her priority is to lead by example. Whether that means putting in the extra time to get something “just right” or never settling for the status quo. With the right attitude and making team culture a priority, she finds the rest tends to fall into place.

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