Aligning Sales & Marketing Efforts

Podcast Episode: 1

Cassie Dodd, Director of Marketing, is joined by Ascent Cloud VP of Sales, Mark Baird, to discuss the importance of sales and marketing alignment. 

Here’s what they talked about:

  • Struggles they have experienced or seen in the past with marketing teams
  • Background of Mark and Cassie starting to work together (and what they’ve seen works!)
  • Things they have done to maintain the positive relationship between marketing and sales
  • Recommendations to teams building out marketing/sales alignment

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Mark Baird

VP of Sales

As the VP of Sales, Mark runs sales & business development at Ascent Cloud. Mark grew up in Wisconsin and earned a business degree from University of Wisconsin, Madison. After graduating, he headed West for warmer weather and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and 2 sons. Mark started his career in technology helping companies build on-premise data centers and fully embraced cloud computing as a Salesforce employee. As a former Salesforce Employee and business development professional Mark knows first hand what a gamechanger Ascent Cloud is.

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