Ashley Crosby

Product Manager, Geopointe


Ashley is a Product Manager at Ascent Cloud, focused on Geopointe and other geolocation initiatives. After flunking out of computer science in college, Ashley earned a BA in English Literature from Brigham Young University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Chapman University. Her turn to humanities was short-lived, however, and her career has brought her back to tech. She has worked on the Geopointe product for the last ten years in various capacities, including Customer Success, Technical Support, Quality Assurance, and most recently Product Management. As a map enthusiast, she loves being a part of continual innovation in the geolocation space.
Ashley lives in Southern California with her dog and an unnecessarily large collection of unread books. Her hobbies include reading, re-watching the same shows over and over again, and gluten-free baking that could fool even the most wheat-loving aficionado. When the creativity bug bites, she spends her time crafting, writing fan fiction (no, you may not know her pen name), and dreaming up her own podcast ideas.