Announcing Territory Planner by Ascent Cloud

Introducing Territory Planner by Ascent Cloud

The territory planning process isn’t always easy. There are products and processes out there to help, but many of them are complicated to master, and the rate of data processing is just as slow as the repetitive administrative tasks you’re trying to automate in the first place. 

Ascent Cloud is here to remove the headache. We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new product born out of this exact need in the market. 

Say hello to Territory Planner.

What is Territory Planner?

Territory Planner is a powerful new way for sales and customer-facing teams to work with their geolocation data. It lives outside the realm of your standard CRM experience, which means you won’t be tied down to the data restrictions and general limitations imposed by your CRM. 

With Territory Planner, users can combine their data from multiple sources to build, balance, and optimize their territories. A unique integration with Geopointe gives the freedom to assign those territories with ease once they’re ready to go.

Using powerful features such as Territory Shape Editor and Territory Model Editor, you can visually build territories right on the map in a more intuitive way than you’ve experienced with other traditional means of territory planning. 

To make the process even easier, we’ve built a Territory Optimizer that empowers teams to optimize their territories with the click of a button based on targeted business criteria. This is done during the planning stage, and it can be done at the beginning or even used as a finishing step to fine tune your territory design. 

As a whole, Territory Planner is brought to you by the industry leaders in sales performance management and geolocation. Because of that, you know you can expect the same level of service and support you’ve come to appreciate with other products like Geopointe and LevelEleven.

Get Ready to Learn More

Our team could not be more excited to be launching Territory Planner. We know how important territory planning is for any organization. We know how difficult the process is with what’s currently being offered out there. We wanted nothing more than to fill this gap in the market, and we are stoked to be doing just that with Territory Planner. 

To learn more about our brand new product, we invite you to watch our Territory Planner Release Webinar. In it, the Ascent Cloud team will walk you through a demo of this stunning offering that is guaranteed to be a game changer. 

If you have questions in the meantime or would like to get started with Territory Planner, feel free to schedule a demo today!

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